Growth in Our Society

There are many factors that contribute to the growth of our economy. It’s essential to know that as Industries thrive, survive or die, a main contributor is as a result of products and services maintaining their importance and usefulness within our society. The utility of these products and services is translated in the VALUE received by the consumer. There are a host of products that have become obsolete and conversely, there are a host of new products within the markets. These products and services are faced with the threat of their demise; for many reasons, maybe because of the lack of innovation which may keep them alive. The renaissance of any product is critical after the maturity phase of the product for it to thrive. All products have life cycles. They are introduced to the market, they grow, they mature and then they decline. Nota BENE: this principle maybe also applicable to industries on a whole but our focus today is on the product. However, every successful product today either have gone through this process or will go through this process. There is no difference with the product called insurance. It’s on the precipice of change and there are many who have not embrace this change.

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