Integritus Company Limited


Integritus Company Limited, is a Financial Tech-Advisory & Services company focused on enabling individuals, SME’s (Small & Medium sized Enterprises) and large corporations by mitigating their financial risks using tailor made concepts as holistic solutions. We have a network of professionals and service companies called Value Solutions Partners who contribute to bringing value to our clients. These relationships were established over almost 2 decades – these are formidable relationships and we share the benefits with our clients via an ecosystem.

Our knowledge of the insurance industry is evident by our past and current relationships with various leading insurers over nineteen years. These insurers are as follow; Clico, Sagicor, Pan American Life and currently  Guardian Life of the Caribbean. Our experience in the Financial Services sector highlighted chasms  which are being filled with our latest technologies mainly VALOIR and SIGNUM.

Integritus Valoir

Valoir is a Payment Communication Network primarily designed for the Caribbean. This technology gives the citizens of the Caribbean the autonomy to make digital payments with their respective currencies. 

Signum – Blockchain Computing platform 

Signum is ‘Closed Group’ Blockchain Computing Platform that was designed for various industries to give them the highest level of security. 


Learn about various technologies and concepts that are needed to fill existing chasms. Discover futuristic concepts that are needed today. 



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At Integritus Group Company Limited we add value to industries through an ecosystem of value solution partners. Learn more about our organization.