We add value to individuals, SME’s and large corporations through an ecosystem of Value Solution Partners. We all have goals which are either corporate or personal in nature. However, as we pursue our goals there is the exposure to risks which are usually untimely and catastrophic when realized. Therefore the solutions implemented are of paramount importance.
The premise of a great solution is the scope in which it covers the risks we face. This scope MUST be holistic! Our product is the coalescence of insurance and services for the same premium you currently pay. The name of our product is Valoir. 

PERSONAL Membership

Integritus Valoir GOLD

VALOIR Gold has been engineered to allow individuals access to our discounted products & services via our ‘Value Solution Partners’


Corporate Membership

Integritus valoir platinum 

VALOIR Platinum has been engineered to allow corporations & executives access to our discounted products & services via our ‘Value Solution Partners’


Business Owners MEmbership

Integritus valoir black 

The VALOIR Black has designed engineered to facilitate high-net-worth individuals & Business Owners access to services exclusive to this selective group. We offer concierge services to this selective group to maintain confidentiality & protection.


Learn about various technologies and concepts that are needed to fill existing chasms. Discover futuristic concepts that are needed today. 



Learn about our group of companies that delivers innovative solutions in the form of products and services  to the respective industries. 



At Integritus Group Company Limited we add value to industries through an ecosystem of value solution partners. Learn more about our organization.