About Us


Integritus Group Company Limited is a holding company incorporated in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. We create, innovate and implement technologies for each industry that we are called to and give value to all stakeholders. We believe that the primary objective of any organization is to touch the lives of people. In light of the above our focus is to liberate stakeholders in the respective industries by first giving value. It is postulated that consumers want the cheapest price; we disagree. Consumers want VALUE! Consequently, we have impacted the Financial Services, Real Estate, Construction, Logistics, Commerce sectors using 22nd century concepts and solutions.

Driving the delivery of this value is a highly qualified experienced international executive team spanning various disciplines such as Leadership, Finance, Marketing, Technology, Digital Media, Project Management, Accounting, Legal and Sustainable Design culminating over 100 years of collective experience. This culmination synergistically combines for one purpose – to deliver VALUE to all stakeholders! 

Our philosophy

We believe in the higher purpose of business – We believe that businesses’ and/or organizations’ primary objective is to touch the lives of PEOPLE! As the nucleus of our business people keep us innovating and inventing. Although it might be argued that money is the primary objective, we at Integritus believe that money should be our secondary or tertiary as determined by the circumstance. The primary purpose of our businesses is not money. There is a higher purpose in life and we believe that there is also a higher purpose in business; namely PEOPLE! Our team is driven by this mantra which is altruistic from the very core.


To dominate the respective industries as we are led by a higher purpose in aid of liberating mankind. 


We create, innovate and implement systems for each industry that we are called to, by giving value to all stakeholders.