Chairman's Message

From the desk
of the Chairman & ceo

The business landscape has changed drastically over the last decade because of exponential growth and disruptive innovation in all industries. Industries have become obsolete and there has been the emergence of some sophisticated ones. Industries have also been altered tremendously and this phenomenon is going to increase momentum; but Nota BENE: at an exponential rate. The main contributors of change are the advent of data analytics, augmented reality, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. Personally, I believe that the corporation with the most data will be the most powerful in the future. Google may be at the helm if they maintain their current position.

Fundamentally, we have experienced four ages which are; hunter gatherer age, agrarian age, Industrial age and currently the Information age. Data; the nexus of Information has propelled mankind to stellar heights that the exploration of mankind vacationing on Mars is in the making. Billions of dollars are being spent on this feat as we speak because of the belief of Elon Musk, Sir Richard Branson and Jeff Besos that humans are multi-planetary beings. Whether true or not they are on an unchartered path . There is an innate quest in us to know more and keep striving for higher heights. It is anticipated that visits to Mars will commence as early as 2025. My personal conviction drives me to believe that the next age will be the age of ‘Philosophers’. Some may argue that we are already in that age. This current epoch seems to be very exciting because of its novelty. Scientists are pursuing the concept of Singularity as a norm in the near future. What is Singularity? It’s the belief that man and machines are becoming one.

What does all of the above have to do with business? Everything!!! If we don’t change we will become obsolete. We will be tantamount to the typewriter. It is postulated that with technology, jobs are going to become redundant and as a result, unemployment would increase. My argument is that as technology, innovation and Singularity emerge, humans are going to become more equipped, more advanced and better human beings overall. For example, a typist today must not only learn to type a specific number of words per minute but he or she MUST also be computer literate. He or she must learn Microsoft suite and not just typing. That human being is now more VALUABLE. He or she has more skills in our world of constant change. Let’s embrace the rapid changes that occur every second of every day. Could you imagine the world without the internet? That’s catastrophic to imagine. Similarly we won’t be able to imagine the world without the newness mentioned above.

We at Integritus Group Company Limited embrace the spirit of rapid disruptions and newness that we face daily. We are also contributors!!!